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It is a story of two friends becoming partners and creating a great enterprise. In a small town called Sangli, part of Maharashtra, Mr. Pankaj M Shah and Mr. Girish I Rathi together pursue commerce and after they complete their education from the universities they chase their own independent goals. When Mr. Pankaj M Shah joins textile business, Mr. Girish I Rathi studies further to complete his professional course of Chartered Accountancy and joins a mill as chief accountant.

Being a professional he also utilizes his personal time helping various organizations implement Tally software. But both the friends keep on meeting every now and then whenever they are free. As seeing to the growing need of skilled professional accountants within traders & Industries the two friends thought of starting a training institute.

One day, both the friends – one is very strong in sales and marketing and the other in accounting and Tally technology decide to give it a whirl. They invite Mr. NC Panpalia who is Mr. Rathi’s uncle - cumfriend and also a CA professional, to join them in their venture. They name it Ultimate Infotrade Pvt. Ltd.

In order to start something, in 2004, they take franchisee of a Kolkata - based computer institute to train people on accounts and taxation. But since Mr. Rathi is an expert in Tally, and has implemented Tally with other organizations understood the potential of Tally, but immediately they could not get any entrepreneurial link with the company. Finally the opportune moment arrives during 2005 when Ultimate Infotrade Pvt. Ltd. is offered a challenging task of selling 100 copies of Tally 7.2. The tradeoff is, if they achieve the number, they will get Tally Master Dealership for Sangli; and they outnumber the target and sell 239 licenses. “This became a turning point for us as we got Direct Master Dealership from Tally for Sangli,” says, Mr. Shah, Director of Ultiamte Infotrade.

As per Mr. Shah, when they started Ultimate Infotrade they had to invest almost Rs.20 lakhs. But today the company’s turnover has touched Rs.80 lakhs. It might look small but imagine the company had to invest entire (Rs. 20 lakhs) money on acquiring the infrastructure seven years back. Now Mr. Shah expects to double the turnover by next year and sixfolds in two years’ time. Mr. Shah, says, “We see big opportunities in Tally business in the region. Sangli might be a small town but Mumbai and Pune have big potential for us. We are evaluating to start operations in both these cities.”

Three partners enjoy different roles within the organization, while Mr. Shah looks after Tally sales and TallyAcademy, Mr. Rathi provides technical support for implementation and customization and Taxation Training to TallyAcademy Students and Mr. Panpalia looks after the NSDL Tin facilitation. So there is no conflict of interest. Today, the company has emerged with a specialization of Retail solution. The company has developed Retail Solution with BARCODE and has successfully Implemented in more than 20 Stores.

They have a very good number of happy customers who give the success credit to Tally, saying: “Just because of Tally and our support to utilize maximum default features of Tally, they have been able to achieve tremendous Growth.”

They believe that Tally as a corporate carries a strong commitment to honesty and integrity and it has helped them to become respected citizens. It is one of the few companies which focuses on the ‘Growth for Partners’ Mr.Shah says, “Partners are always assured with a feeling that it’s a God’s own company. There can be no words to define Tally as a product which is being used by more than 20 lakh happy customers across the globe.” “We are the Luckiest and we feel proud to be associated with Tally which has changed our thinking process with its strong policy of simplicity, honesty and integrity. We admit that every molecule of our blood contains no platelets, WBC’s and RBC’s; but only TALLY, TALLY and only TALLY,” he maintains.


Mr. Shah maintains, “We are proud to be a part of a company which is going to be the technology fabric of India in 2015 and widening the same fabric across the entire Globe”.

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